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In A Tale for the Time Being, Ruth is a novelist living on a remote island in British Columbia who discovers a collection of artifacts washed ashore in a Hello Kitty lunchbox. Author Ruth Ozeki divides her time between Cortes Island, British Columbia, and New York City.

Book-It Board Member Christine Stepherson was gracious enough to share pictures from her summer trip to British Columbia. Check out these serene views of summer.

TaleForTheTimeBeing_2016_ChristineStepherson_Web (1)Magenta skies awaken me before sunrise each morning, allowing me time to read, write and start the day in silence before the household comes alive.
TaleForTheTimeBeing_2016_ChristineStepherson_Web (4)Hiking through a provincial park in the southern gulf islands exploring gardener snakes, deer, trails, rocks and sea life.
TaleForTheTimeBeing_2016_ChristineStepherson_Web (3)Land meets sea
Children meet anemones
TaleForTheTimeBeing_2016_ChristineStepherson_Web (5)The Hike: straight up Mount Maxwell to reach the highest points on Salt Spring Island, Baynes Peak.

The pay off: views of Vancouver Island, the surrounding Gulf Islands and the mainland of British Columbia.

The bragging rights: when you see the cars of people who drove to the top.
TaleForTheTimeBeing_2016_ChristineStepherson_Web (2)A stop in Ruckle Park watching the ocean rush in, foaming with excitement.

Summer too seems to be rushing no matter how hard I try to slow things down, watch the ocean, view the sunrises, take in the gulf islands.

And with another summer gone, another year of childhood continues on its path to the future.

Join us for the first show of our 27th season! A Tale for the Time Being runs Sept 14 – Oct 9, 2016.