Book-It Repertory Theatre

[thb_two-fourth last]

by John Gardner
Adapted by Paul Mullin | Directed by Susanna Wilson[/two-fourth]

Grendel combines legends, blood and guts, and existential philosophy through the eyes of the infamous monster of the Beowulf legend. Although a horrific beast. Grendel acts strangely human while trying to understand his place in the universe, the actions of those who fear and hate him, the “heroics” of mighty Unferth and wise Hrothgar, and, of course, the ultimate showdown between himself and Beowulf.


James Lapan
James Dean
Leslie Law*
Lisa Hunrichs
Daniel Harray
George Mount
Reginald Jackson

*AEA Member[/thb_one-fourth][thb_two-fourth last]Artistic Team
Dan Schuy, Set Designer
Teresa Banks, Costume Designer
Craig Banks, Lighting Desinger
Miriam Goodman-Miller, Assistant Lighting Designer
Meg Pettibone, Dragon Creator
Kelly Boulware, Fight Choreographer
Bill Robisson, Movement Specialist
Jennie Dutkiewicz, House Manager

Jay Weinland, Stage Manager and Sound Designer
Kelly Huffman, Assistant Stage Manager