Book-It Repertory Theatre


by Jess Walter
Adapted and Directed by Myra Platt

Previews: Jun 9, 7:30pm; Jun 11, 2:00pm
Opening Night: Wednesday, Jun 12

Matt Prior wakes up from his American Dream (writing a financial advice column in blank verse) with an overdrawn bank account, no job, his senile father a new fixture on his living room couch, a wife who is just about to run away with an internet fling, and a garage’s worth of knick-knacks from a failed e-bay business. About to lose his home, he finds himself behind a 7-Eleven with a pair of wannabe thugs and an idea that could solve all his problems.

[quote]“Walter offers a story as real as our own lives: a tale of overstretched accounts, misbegotten schemes, and domestic dreams deferred.”

Kevin Bordi
Treavor Boykin
Shannon Campbell
Adam Canne
Trick Danneker
Spike Huntington
Pankaj “J” K Jha
Jennifer Sue Johnson*
Keaton Kowal
Cobey Mandarino*
Mike Mathieu
Ben D. McFadden
Todd Jefferson Moore*
Leo Schuehle
Betsy Schwartz*
Richard Nguyen Sloniker
Jack Taylor
Evan Whitfield

*AEA Member[/thb_one-fourth][thb_two-fourth last]Artistic Team
Andrea Bryn Bush, Scenic Designer
Peter Donnelly, Costume Designer
Marnie Cummings, Lighting Designer
Matt Starritt, Sound Designer
Kristyne Hughes, Properties Master
Tom Dewey, Fight Choreographer

Lindsay A. Beacham*, Stage Manager
Anneka Kielman, Assistant Stage Manager

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