Tom’s Top Five Reasons to Subscribe

Tom Dewey is Book-It’s Lead Box Office Associate (the guy on the phone when you call about tickets) and a frequent on- and back-stage denizen, too, and he’s here to give you his Top 5 Reasons to Subscribe. Look for more tips from Tom as our Silver Jubilee Season rolls on. Book-It shows are good, and a …

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Working on Impossible Projects

“…I am inevitably going to fail to fulfill everybody’s idea of Joe Kavalier and so all that’s left to do is pursue something that feels truthful to me. This is a good place to be as an actor. I hope I can keep working on impossible projects.” -Frank Boyd

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Notes from the director of Kavalier & Clay

Art. Magic. Transformation. Escape. Freedom. These have been our watchwords in the rehearsal hall over the last several weeks as we pushed and pulled and splashed and spilled our guts out in an effort to realize Michael Chabon’s mammoth novel on stage. I have done a lot of “big” shows, but this one takes the cake. I could not have taken…

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The Golem: The First Superhero?

In The Amazing Aventures of Kavalier & Clay, Michael Chabon celebrates the Golem of Prague, shaped from the clay of the River Moldau as a “Recipe for Life.” The graphic geniuses of our story, cousins Sammy Clay and Joe Kavalier, make an indelible contribution to the Golden Age of the super hero comic book—under the …

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For the Love of Science

This phrase was originally coined by Gracie Hansen, a short, brash and busty woman, who ran a Vegas-style variety show called Paradise International on the Fair’s Show Street. When the backwoods entrepreneur headed to Seattle as to pitch her show to the fair organizers, she hoped to save the fair from science. And she wasn’t …

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