What We Talk About When We Talk About Raymond Carver

  Raymond’s Carver reputation as a writer in the 1980s was rivaled by his reputation as a recovering alcoholic. The public eye fixed on his near-miraculous recovery and continued sobriety throughout the final decade of his life. Today he is considered one of the most important and influential short story writers of the 20th century. …

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Audition Time

                      Every Book-It show grabs characters from their pages and thrusts them onto the stage—but how do we find actual people to play all those characters? Here’s an inside look at how Book-It chooses actors to star in our shows. Book-It’s acclaimed adaptation of Emma …

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The Making of a Poster

Publications and Media Manager Shannon Loys takes us behind the design of the Slaughterhouse-Five poster. In casting three actors to play Billy Pilgrim, [Adapter and Director] Josh Aaseng wanted to emphasize the fractured nature of a mind post-war, post-trauma. And Josh and I decided early on that we wanted to honor that idea in the poster, …

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From Book-It Managing Director Daniel Y. Mayer. Last month the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture sponsored a Twitter conversation entitled Feminism + Arts in Seattle. It was a lively conversation and sparked much interest in the topic both during that forum and since then. It spawned a Facebook page and further conversation on Twitter (#SeaArtsFeminism), …

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My Heart’s Pounding

When I first read this page-turner, my heart was pounding. I attributed that to compelling storytelling, the need to know what happens next. But I became aware of the same sensation while I worked on the adaptation and again while working with the actors in rehearsal. Even though I knew what happened, my heart would …

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