Notes from the director of Pride and Prejudice

I first staged this production of this wonderful novel fourteen years ago and to return to it now after so long is as poignant as encountering a long lost friend—I imagine it must feel the same for people who know and love this novel so well when they reread it after many year

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Newlyweds in Austen

Publications & Media Manager Shannon Erickson Loys sat down with our Pride and Prejudice newlyweds, Amy and Trick Danneker. Amy (formerly Amy Hill) is playing Kitty Bennet and Trick is playing Mr. Bingley. SHANNON: Congratulations on getting married! AMY: Thank you! S: It was a big deal in the theatre community, yeah? Two beloved local actors …

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A New Managing Director for Book-It

Last August, Book-It’s managing director of nearly seven years, Charlotte Tiencken, stepped down to take a job in academia–a job she had long dreamed of doing and near to family in her home state. The staff was sad to see her go, but knew she was doing what was right for her and her family. …

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Book-It’s Backstories: The Whole Story

Remember how we did things back in the day when computers didn’t exist in everyone’s pocket and books weren’t powered by Kindle? Our trusty interns dusted off our filing cabinets and made some great discoveries about our past. In the summer of 1991, Book-It published its very first quarterly newsletter, The Whole Story. Pre-email and pre-website, it was a …

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Announcing: Our Silver Jubilee Auction

In honor of our 25th anniversary—our Silver Jubilee—we are mixing things up a little with an online auction! We’ve curated an exciting selection of items for you to bid on, which celebrate the history of Book-It, as well as the first show of our anniversary season, I Am of Ireland. As you may know, ticket sales cover only …

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