Book-It Repertory Theatre

Making the Detour

Was there anything especially intriguing or challenging about a site-specific production? I was struck by the challenge of moving an audience from space to space and asking them to change rooms—there’s a small, 50-seat theater section of The Rendezvous, but there’s also a bar where action will take place. Most of the time, when people go to the theater, they sit down to watch something, so this requires a little more on their part.

Book-It Has a Matchmaker!

Inspired by the rich history of Jamie Ford’s Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, the development department invites you to explore the history of the Chinese Matchmaker: Yue Lao is the Chinese god who unites persons. As the legend goes, the matchmaker ties a red strand around two people to ensure the couple will be united—even if they were once strangers far away from each other.