Book-It Repertory Theatre

Celebrating 22 Years of Success!

I am proud to present our Season 22 Annual Report, which details a successful year for the company. We’re pleased to share with you the achievements of our main stage productions and Arts and Education programs—all made possible through the generosity of donors who believe in our mission. This report celebrates our 22 seasons of bringing literature to life by…

Geeking Out and Loving It

As someone who unabashedly reads (lots and lots of) comic books, I was very interested in how a primarily visual medium could translate into the Book-it Style™. The beauty of using the Book-It Style for the fantastical is that the author’s narrative gives us the ability to stage magic that would otherwise be impossible…

Why a Novel Workshop? Quite simple: Time.

David Quicksall is an actor, director, adapter, teaching artist, and member of the Book-It Repertory Theatre board of trustees. His perspective on new work development is unique, so we asked him to share some insights about “Why a Novel Workshop.” As a writer, adapting a novel for the stage is a herculean effort requiring a […]

An Interview with Adapter Kevin McKeon

So you’re currently working on Anna Karenina for Book-It Repertory Theatre?
Yes, Anna Karenina. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the book, but it’s very thick, and Tolstoy…goes on for a while. I think he wrote it before War & Peace and they are both just massive… And the Russians! (laughter)