Book-It Repertory Theatre

An Interview with Anna (Emily Grogan)

Anna has a soul (like we all have) that is tugging at her and causing her to feel pulled to a deeper life filled with real love, poetry, and truth. Her husband is kind but he doesn’t see her for who she is. She struggles with depression and anger at the life she is obliged to lead.

An Interview with Director Mary Machala

I love rehearsal, exploring different aspects of the various scenes, that is my favorite part. Rehearsal is digging into the bones of the script, to see what I can find. It’s very loose; nothing is set in stone so I can adjust scenes multiple times. I like to play with my options; sometimes my first choice is the best, sometimes a scene needs more adjusting.

An Interview with Adapter Kevin McKeon

So you’re currently working on Anna Karenina for Book-It Repertory Theatre?
Yes, Anna Karenina. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the book, but it’s very thick, and Tolstoy…goes on for a while. I think he wrote it before War & Peace and they are both just massive… And the Russians! (laughter)