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The Early Life of Ezra Pound

Perhaps my favorite one-line description of Pound comes from historian Michael Reynolds, who described him as “literary talent scout, carpenter, self-taught musician, writer of poems and midwife to the new age”. Ezra Pound was born October 30, 1885 in the tiny town of Hailey, Idaho. Pound knew at an early age that he was going […]


  When I first cracked open The Brothers K, I couldn’t believe my eyes. According to the words on page one, this 650-plus page epic was set in my hometown:   Camas, Washington / September / 1956   I lived in Camas between the ages of two and five. It’s a fairly small mill town […]

A Day in the Life: Book-It Intern Edition

I open my email and the first thing I see is “pumpkin pie session at 1p.m.!” Immediately, my day just got better. I walk down the hall toward the printer and I’m greeted by fellow Book-It-eers (they are all equally excited about the pumpkin pie). As I settle back into my desk, I begin to […]

Gifts For Literature Lovers.

Dear loyal patrons! All of us at Book-It are so very excited for you to come to see out latest production of Jane Austen’s Emma and to celebrate the 200th anniversary of its publishing. Now this may surprise some of you, but here at Book-it we don’t just make superb theatre we also offer excellent […]