Book-It Repertory Theatre

Newlyweds in Austen

Publications & Media Manager Shannon Loys sat down with our Pride and Prejudice newlyweds, Amy and Trick Danneker. Amy (formerly Amy Hill) is playing Kitty Bennet and Trick is playing Mr. Bingley. SHANNON: Congratulations on getting married! AMY: Thank you! S: It was a big deal in the theatre community, yeah? Two beloved local actors getting […]

Designing Frankenstein: Sound

When I first met with David, he mentioned the Nine Inch Nails song “Burn” as a point of reference, largely because the angry lyrics could have come out of the mouth of the creature. David might not have realized that I’m a long-time fan of Nine Inch Nails, so I took that ball and ran with it.

A New Website

Wait–what’s this? Book-It has received an internet makeover!

Besides being cleaner and easier to navigate, our new website is also chock-full of new content for you to explore.