Book-It Repertory Theatre

The Box Office (and our mailing address)
Book-It Repertory Theatre
Center Theatre at the Armory
305 Harrison Street
Seattle, WA 98109
Phone: 206.216.0833

Maps and directions

Administrative Offices
158 Thomas Street
Seattle, WA 98109
Phone: 206.216.0877
Fax: 206.428.6263

Book-It’s Arts & Education Program
Phone: 206.428.6266

General Comments and Questions
For general comments and questions, please email us at info@book-it.org

Licensing Requests
For availability and pricing please contact Josh Aaseng, Associate Artistic Director, Licensing@book-it.org or 206.428.6335

Press Inquiries
For press inquiries, please email Communications Manager Val Brunetto

Website Comments and Questions
For comments and questions concerning the website, please email us at webmaster@book-it.org

Ticket Donation Requests
Book-It is proud to support the local non-profit community by granting ticket donations for fundraising auctions. While Book-It would like to honor all ticket requests, we survive on ticket sales and must limit the number to no more than TWO tickets. Book-It limits its ticket donations to an annual allotment; requests made earlier in the fiscal year have a better chance of being fulfilled. Ticket requests always outnumber the amount we are able to donate; we give priority to groups as follows:

• Non-profit arts organizations
• Non-profit education organizations
• Book-It subscribers and donors who request donations on behalf of non-profit organizations

To request a ticket donation, please mail* your request letter on your organization’s official stationary with the following information:

• your non-profit 501(3)C tax ID number
• the date of fundraising event
• the date by which you need the ticket donation
• your relationship to Book-It Repertory Theatre

Submit your donation request a minimum of two months in advance of your event to provide enough time for processing. Due to the large number of donation orders that Book-It receives, WE ASK THAT YOU DO NOT CALL TO FOLLOW UP ON SUBMITTED REQUESTS. You will be notified by Email whether or not your ticket request has been granted. Donations are processed on a bi-monthly basis; your ticket certificate will be sent approximately one month prior to your event.

*Mail requests to:
Attn: Ticket Donations
Book-It Box Office
305 Harrison Street
Seattle, WA 98109


Jane Jones, Founder & Founding Co-Artistic Director

Myra Platt, Founding Co-Artistic Director

Josh Aaseng, Associate Artistic Director

Shawna Grajek, Casting Associate


Dan Schuy, Production Manager
ext. 17

Ben Radin, Technical Director

Jocelyne Fowler, Costume Shop Manager
Costume Shop Phone: 206-428-6261

Carmen Rodriguez, Scenic Charge Artist


Annie DiMartinoDirector of Education
ext. 14

Dominic Lewis, Tour Manager

Marketing & Communications

Glen Miller, Director of Marketing & Communications
ext. 10

Val Brunetto, Communications Manager
ext. 19

Tom Dewey, Box Office Manager

Sasha Bailey, House Manager


Sally Brunette, Director of  Development
ext. 18

Ian Stewart, Development Associate
ext. 21


Kayti Barnett O’Brien, Managing Director
ext. 15

Penny Bradley, Bookkeeper
ext. 16

Adam Smith Photography
Alan Alabastro Photography
Chris Bennion Photography
John Ulman Photography
The Makeup Session
Tom Wahl, IT Support

Larry Pihl, President
Stephen Robinson, Vice President
John Aldaya, Treasurer
Shirley Roberson, Secretary

Monica Alquist
Laura Colman
Anne Fisher
Stuart Frank
Craig Greene
Jane Jones
Margaret Kineke
Mary Metastasio
Shyla Miller
Christopher Mumaw (Intern)
Myra Platt
Earl Sedlik
Steven Schwartzman
Christine Stepherson

Ross Baker
Joann Byrd
Emily Davis
Dan Kuhn
Tom Oliver
Deborah Swets
Ruth Valine
Kris Villiott
Liz Warman
Audrey Watson

Sonya Campion
Beth McCaw
Ann Ramsay-Jenkins
Tom Robbins
Garth Stein