Book-It Repertory Theatre

Treasure Island

Select Book-It mainstage productions are available to schools through low-cost student matinées. Student matinées are selected based on their connection to classroom curriculum and age appropriateness.

Treasure Island

by Robert Louis Stevenson
DATES: December 6th and 13th at 10:30 AM
GRADES: Middle and High School
LOCATION: Center Theatre at the Seattle Center Armory.
COST: $10 per student, one free chaperone ticket per 10 students

Note: Student Matinées are booked through the Education Department at 206.428.6266, not through the Main Box Office.

Come see us during evening and weekend performances! We offer discounts for students, teachers, and groups of 8+, and we are a partner with TeenTix.

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For more information, or to book your student matinée, call 206.428.6266
or email education@book-it.org

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is this production appropriate for my school group?
A:  In true Book-It Style, we use the author’s words as much as possible, which means, for Treasure Island, that there will be typical pirate activity depicted on stage. We are still in the process of creating the adaptation, and are unable to give an exact idea of what to expect. We ask you to read the book as a frame of reference of what might be staged.

Q:  What is the running time of the play?
A:  Because we are still working on the script and/or just starting rehearsals, it’s difficult for us to give an accurate running time. For bus scheduling, we offer a rough 2.5 hours in length and are happy to confirm time once the show is up and running.

Q:  How do I reserve tickets for my school group?
A:  Contact the education department at 206-428-6266 or email education@book-it.org