Dear Book-It Family, Friends, and Supporters,

Ever since we announced the news of our closure earlier this summer, you have shared countless stories about the impact Book-It has had on your lives. Thank you, and know that they have been read and cherished as we have begun the difficult process of shutting down our operations.

Over 120 supporters have contributed to our closing efforts. Whether you’ve made a cash gift or chosen to convert your 2023-2024 season subscription to a donation, our gratitude is immeasurable. Your generosity has allowed us to honor our commitments to so many incredible artists who were to be a part of our planned 2023-2024 season and has helped to mitigate the financial impact that Book-It’s closure would otherwise have had on the broader Seattle theatre ecosystem.

We now need to raise the last $60,000 to complete our fundraising efforts, which will allow us to meaningfully preserve the legacy of Book-It Repertory Theatre.

Gifts made this month will be used to pay not only outstanding obligations to local businesses and partner performing arts organizations, but also to pay fees related to keeping our website up and running, maintaining Book-It’s 501©3 charitable non-profit status, and preserving Book-its catalog of script adaptations for future use. All of which are crucial pieces in providing a runway to a possible future in which we might someday be able to revisit Book-It’s mission and work under a new and sustainable model.

As we move towards our official closure this September, Book-It is committed to
closing the book with intention and care. We are honored to have such dedicated and passionate supporters and, for those who are able, we ask you to consider making a gift today in support of these efforts.


Christopher Mumaw
Board President