December 2 – December 28, 2003

by Berkely Breathed
Adapted by Myra Platt & Edd Key | Directed by Myra Platt | Music Direction by Edd Key| Choreography by Jane Jones

Based on the popular illustrated book by Berkeley Breathed (of “Bloom County” and “Opus” fame), the story is set on Vashon Island during the Depression, and is based on a true story told to the author by his father. According to Breathed, his father (who at age 9, insisted on being addressed as the Red Ranger of Mars) was shuttled off to Vashon to spend Christmas 1939 with his Aunt Vy. During the visit, Red went calling on a reclusive neighbor known as Saunder Clos, rumored to be none other than a retired Santa Claus. Years later (in 1994), Breathed published Red Ranger Came Calling, an illustrated children’s book based on that fateful Christmas encounter.

Stephen Hando
Theresa Holmes
Bill Ritchie
Kathleen Stoll
Edd Key
Kevin McKeon

Valerie Moseley

Luis Benito
David Goldstein
Alyssa Keene
Valerie Moseley
Lewis Warren
Dean Wilson

Artistic Team
Douglas Paasch, Puppet Master
Craig B. Wollam, Scenic Designer
Patti West, Lighting Designer
Deborah Skorstad, Costume Designer
Jodi Sauerbier, Properties Designer
Megan Carter, Assistant Director
Jennifer Yaros, Master Electrician

Jim Graham, Production Manager
Carl Janz, Stage Manager