A Guaranteed True Christmas Story
December 2 – December 26, 2004

by Berkely Breathed
Adapted by Myra Platt & Edd Key | Directed by Myra Platt | Music Direction by Edd Key| Choreography by Jane Jones

It’s hard to imagine that a nine-year-old could be jaded about a particular December holiday, but Red (a.k.a. The Red Ranger of Mars, Protector of the 23rd Century) is positively peevish! All would be well if only he could get his “Official Buck Tweed Two-Speed Crime-Stopper Star-Hopper Bicycle!” Berkeley Breathed’s “guaranteed true Christmas story” shows us that a little magic, a lot of imagination, and just the right amount of faith can make a believer out of anyone.

Kevin McKeon
Stephen Hando
Theresa Holmes
Timothy Hornor
Katie Foster
James Langston Drake
Kristen Hopkins
Erik Eagleson
Luis Benito
Edd Key*
Kevin McKeon
Valerie Moseley
Chris Laxamana
Jack Yantis
Claudine Burgos
Luis Benito
Erik Eagleson

*AEA Member

The Band
Valerie Moseley, Piano
Monique Kleinhans, Clarinet/Oboe/Bass
Chris Newton, Drums
Luis Benito, Coronet
Edd Key*, Mandolin/Coronet/Guitar
Theresa Holmes, Bass/Guitar/Mandolin/Harmonium

Artistic Team
Jane Jones, Choreographer
Heather Guiles, Assistant Choreographer
Craig B. Wollam, Scenic & Lighting Designer
Deborah Skorstad, Costume Designer
Douglas Paasch, Puppet Master
Annett Mateo, Puppet Builder
Jodi Sauerbier, Properties Designer
Jim Graham, Production Manager/Technical Director/Sound Design
Brooke Cochran, Assistant Director

Carl Janz, Stage Manager
Zach Mercier, Assistant Stage Manager
Anne Gish, Assistant Stage Manager