A Guaranteed True Christmas Story
November 23 – December 23, 2010

by Berkely Breathed
Adapted by Myra Platt & Edd Key | Directed by Myra Platt | Music Direction by Edd Key

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It’s hard to imagine that a nine-year-old could be jaded about a particular December holiday, but Red (a.k.a. The Red Ranger of Mars, Protector of the 23rd Century) is positively peevish! All would be well if only he could get his “Official Buck Tweed Two-Speed Crime-Stopper Star-Hopper Bicycle!” Berkeley Breathed’s “guaranteed true Christmas story” shows us that a little magic, a lot of imagination, and just the right amount of faith can make a believer out of anyone.

Wesley Rice*
Jerick Hoffer
Theresa Holmes
Clint Pozzi
Heather Ward
Dana Johnson
Mark Waldstein
Edd Key*
Saunder Clös*
Andrew Murray**
Kate Mosbarger**
Ruby Ellis
Sophia Mitri-Schloss
Parlin Shields
Adam Westerman
Collin Wheetman

*AEA Member

**Book-It Actor Intern

Elf Band
John Engerman, Piano
Rosalynn De Roos, Clarinet/Oboe
Greg Campbell, Drums
Luis Benito, Coronet
Edd Key, Bass/Guitar/Mandolin/Euphonium
Theresa Holmes, Pump Organ, Bass, Guitar, Ukulele

Artistic Team
Ryan Barret, Choreographer
Curtis Taylor, Scenic Designer
K.D. Schill, Costume Designer
Jesscia Trundy, Lighting Designer
Kristyne A. Hughes, Properties Designer
Tim Samland, Master Carpenter
Jocelyne Fowler, Costume Assistant
Megan Campbell, Asst. Director & Dramaturg Intern

Anders Bolang, Production Manager
Hannah Wichmann*, Stage Manager
Victoria Thompson, Assistant Stage Manager
Lauren Peirce, Stage Management Intern


Review: Book-It’s ‘Red Ranger’ is a sweet gift
Seattle Times, 12/09/10