April 6 – April 29, 2001

by John Steinbeck
Adapted by Daniel Harray | Directed by Myra Platt

Sweet Thursday is a fantastic story. At first glance, it may seem old-fashioned, even cliché. But it isn’t long before one discovers it is brimming with life so remarkable, one can’t help but be entertained by the human condition. Our emotions dictate our actions and our actions are often inexplicable. We cannot live alone, and yet our relationships are often disastrous. We want to be left alone and yet we need each other desperately. Our egos shimmer, rise and fall. Our ability to feel shame is resplendent. It makes one proud to be human.

Eric Ray Anderson*
James D. Dean
Gail Frasier
Ray D. Gonzales
T.J. Langley
James Lapan*
Mary Machala*
Kevin McKeon
Dodie Montgomery
Amy Kim Waschke

*AEA Member

Artistic Team
Craig Wollam, Scenic Designer
Chloe Chapin, Costume Designer
Patti West, Lighting Designer
Greg Carter, Technical Director

Carrie Jensen, Stage Manager
James Lapan*, Asst. Stage Manager