Antiracist Value Statement

We commit to broadening the definitions of “great theatre” and “great literature” to intentionally include voices beyond the white, able-bodied, male, and Eurocentric perspectives of the historic Western Canon. We will actively do our part to break the cycle of oppression inherent in ​the theatrical and literary ecosystems by sharing, as well as newly adapting, stories that intentionally uplift the works of underrepresented persons, center the experiences and voices of global majority communities, and celebrate the full and joyous lived experiences of these individuals and communities.

Beyond the stories we tell, Book-It commits to broadening and elevating opportunities for artists, educators, staff, board, and leadership of color; divesting from funders, grant makers, and donors with racist policies or views; expelling biased language and imagery in our communications; supporting local bookstores, with an emphasis on BIPOC and woman-owned shops; and examining how each department can actively dismantle white supremacy in our work.


Our Committment

Book-It is committed to becoming an antiracist organization. We acknowledge and recognize the harm perpetuated by us and by our field. The theatre industry is built on a foundation of white supremacy and privileged social identities. Book-It has caused direct harm to individuals throughout its history and continues to rely on systems that created this harm. We are in the process of dismantling these systems.

We believe that antiracist work is first and foremost about people—and about the impact our efforts to center racial justice in every aspect of our labor and art will have on the patrons, artists, volunteers, donors, staff, and board of trustees who comprise the Book-It community. Dismantling an oppressive structure is only possible when individuals feel empowered to take it apart brick by brick. As individuals at the heart of this particular institution, we pledge to interrogate our own resistances, to acknowledge and intentionally work to set aside our institutional privilege.

The work of becoming an antiracist organization is and will always be ongoing. We anticipate that our understanding of this work will change and grow over time and that our responsibility to our community will likewise evolve. We recognize that despite our best intentions, we will make mistakes as we undertake this journey. Your feedback is truly welcome as we strive to make Book-It an organization that lives up to—and exceeds—its stated values. The most consistent way for Book-It to receive that feedback at present is via email to one of our departmental accounts. This will ensure that as individuals come and go, the channels of communication remain open and accessible.


Communication (to provide general feedback, as well as feedback on Book-It’s marketing, communications, and patron services) (to provide feedback on Book-It’s Arts Education Program) (to provide feedback on Book-It’s financial policies) (to provide feedback on Book-It’s mainstage productions and programming surrounding them) (to provide feedback on Book-It’s production work, including that of our costume and scenic shops) (to provide feedback on Book-It’s fundraising practices)


Book-It’s Mission

To transform great literature into great theatre, through simple and sensitive production, and to inspire our audiences to read.