Our Arts & Ed productions are performed by professional actors/teaching artists and tour to schools, libraries, and community centers statewide. Tours may be booked by calling 206.428.6266 or emailing

The Upside Down Boy/El niño de cabeza
 by Juan Felipe Herrera
Illustrated by Elizabeth Gómez
Adapted and Directed by Sophie Franco
Touring Oct-Dec, 2018
When Juan and his family move to a big city, his whole world feels upside down. He doesn’t speak English, he doesn’t understand the rules to recess, and whenever he tries to speak, his tongue feels like heavy rocks. But with the help of music, poetry, and an encouraging teacher, Juan finds his voice and footing in this upside down world that he soon considers his home. This production will be performed bilingually in Spanish and English.

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New Shoes by Susan Lynn Meyer
Illustrated by Eric Velasquez
Adapted and Directed by Lamar Legend
Touring Jan-March, 2019
Ella Mae is in need of some new shoes, but when she and her mother arrive at Mr. Johnson’s shoe store, her happiness quickly turns to dejection. She is forced to wait and unable to even try a pair on because of her skin color. Determined to fight back, Ella Mae and her friend work to collect and restore old shoes. The girls have their very own shoe sale, giving the other African American members of their community a place where they can be treated fairly and “try on all the shoes they want.”
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The Odyssey: an exploration of Myth, Magic and Monsters based on Homer’s The Odyssey
Adapted and Directed by Annie DiMartino
Touring March-June, 2019
Journey with Odysseus as he and his crew battle the cyclops Polyphemus, survive the magic potion of the goddess Circe, and navigate their way through the Sirens’ songs!  After being gone from Ithaca for the last 20 years, will Odysseus be welcomed or cursed to live life on the open seas?  Adapted from Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey: an exploration of Myth, Magic and Monsters celebrates Greek tradition and theatrical mask, the importance of teamwork and problem-solving, and the power of ingenuity and perseverance.
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To provide an interactive relationship between youth and literature through diverse theatrical productions and educational programs that promote the joy of reading, enhance student and teacher learning, and inspire the imagination

We take the written word from the PAGE to the STAGE in order to ENGAGE through:

Strong Art: Quality productions produced by professional artists both on stage and behind the scenes.

Art Integration: Provide sequential arts learning experiences that weave ideas and/or concepts between and among the theatre arts discipline and general classroom curricula.

Democratic Practice: Cultivate a classroom culture in which purposeful activities support choice, voice, participation, and responsibility to promote connection and contribution to celebrate the unique voice of every individual.

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Book-It Repertory Theatre’s Arts & Ed Program is dedicated to inspiring people of all ages to read. The five components that comprise our program include:

  • tours of a diverse range of stories to schools, libraries, and community venues throughout Washington State
  • long-term residencies in schools
  • teacher professional development
  • low-cost student matinées of Book-It’s mainstage shows
  • Post-college internships

The Book-It Style® helps students connect with books on multiple levels as they ask questions, exchange ideas, and make meaning our of what they read, see, and hear–all while being “up on their feet.” The entire program is closely aligned with research-based reading instruction, Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts, and state standards in theatre.

All our work is adapted in the unique Book-It Style®, where the narrative is brought to life by the characters in the story.