ElDeafo_Collage_Websiteby Cece Bell
TOURS: March-June
THEMES: Deaf Culture, ASL, Auto-biography, Overcoming Challenges, Communication, Integrity.

This show is performed using spoken English and ASL

Tours Sold Out! This popular title is no longer available to book for tours. We do have a wait list if schedules are flexible. Please email us for more information.

When Cece loses her hearing at age four, her whole world changes. She faces embarrassment at school with her bulky hearing aid strapped to her chest. But with her hearing aid she discovers a superpower: the ability to hear the teacher when she is not in the room! In our staging of Cece Bell’s Newbery-honored graphic novel, you’ll experience how she learns to embrace her difference as the superhero, El Deafo, and make some true friends along the way.


Each performance runs between 35 and 45 minutes and can be performed in venues as small as a classroom or as large as an auditorium. In conjunction with each performance, Book-It offers workshops for children and young adults to reinforce what they have seen. These workshops allow young people to make the leap between seeing art and creating it.

To book El Deafo for your school or community center,
call 206.428.6266 or email education@book-it.org.

Workshop Choices

Themes in Motion Students enter the world of the story using voice, body, and imagination to explore themes, characters, and events. (Grades K-2, 45 min, 35 students max)

Adapt It! Stage It! Students analyze a selection of text, adapt it in the Book-It Style, and stage it for an informal performance. (Grades 3-8, one hour, 35 students max)


Touring Story $600; after November 1, $675.

Additional Workshops Start at $150 each, additional travel fees apply

Photo of Kingston, by Chris Bennion.