Bringing Theatre Into the Classroom

Professional Development for K-12 teachers 
July 15-18, 2019 at Seattle Repertory Theatre
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Seattle Children’s Theatre, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Book-It Repertory Theatre, and Pacific Northwest Ballet bring you one of the best summer workshops you’ll ever take!

During the hands-on workshops offered throughout the week, you’ll “try out” curriculum in a supportive environment with professional Teaching Artists, then receive a wealth of detailed, easy-to-follow lesson plans.

At the end of the summer, you’ll have the chance to sign up for a follow-up consultation during the school year. A BTiC faculty member will travel to your school to work as a collaborator, coach, or co-teacher, as you integrate lessons learned during the summer workshop into practical lesson plans.

The program is open to K-12 educators.

“Best PD I have done in eight years!” – 2016 BTiC participant

“In teaching, we talk about the zone of PD and how there is only so much you can learn at any given time. This is my 4th year and every time I come back, I can add a little more and more. My 1st year, I introduced a little bit of it [BTiC concepts] but I was really nervous. I got such good feedback from the kids – they absolutely loved it. It’s given me the courage to introduce more and more elements. Sometimes we forget those great ideas. And then I get reminded of it” – 2015 BTiC participant

“[The best part was] Experiencing the lessons firsthand instead of just sitting around hearing about them; getting to work with teachers from a wide range of school districts and grade levels/content areas; The awesome staff!” – 2017 BTiC participant

– 30 clock hours or 3 university credits available
– Tuition is $550; scholarships available. Apply before June 1, 2019.
– Get $50 off when you register before May 17!
– Creative Advantage schools may qualify for funding. Contact us today about how you can use Creative Advantage funds for BTiC!

For more information please contact: Sarah Lloyd | 206.859.4015 x.1164 | or visit:

For live updates on workshop instructors, partner organizations, and curriculum visit our Facebook event page.

Book-It Customized Teacher Training

Book-It offers customized training for teachers and educators K-12. Our professional development program works with your school to help teachers use the Book-It Style® to bring everyday curriculum to life. We offer workshops for 10-40 participants for three-hour sessions or longer and provide clock hours. This is a perfect workshop for an in-service day!

For more information on Book-It’s customized training, call 206.428.6266 or email

Clock hours and university credit are available for both Book-It Teacher Training and BTiC.