Jan. 2 - Mar. 31, 2021

Grades K-5

The Reader’s Theatre script will be in Spanish, English,  and a bilingual version (pronunciation support video provided).

“Books became our language.
Books became our home.
Books became our lives.”

Yuyi and Kelly have arrived in El Paso, Texas from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Unable to understand and afraid to speak, they make a lot of mistakes. But one day mother and son come to a place that will change their lives forever—the spectacular public library! Realization and inspiration come through their daily trips to the library, leading to a library card for Kelly and authorship for Yuyi. Resilient dreamers of the world, Yuyi and Kelly brought their own strengths and hopes into a new country to build a better future.

Why we chose this story: This true story of author/illustrator Yuyi Morales and her son, Kelly, emigrating from Mexico to the United States shares a real-life experience that dismantles racist views towards immigrants. The power of books to open new worlds is vibrantly present in this picture book, inspiring how the thoughts and images inside each reader’s head can become new art, new stories.

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Book-It’s Interactive Story Kits are designed by our Arts Education department to engage students individually and as a community of readers, thinkers, and artists. Students will be able to watch a recorded read-aloud* by one of our performers and then explore the story’s themes and ideas on their own or as a class through writing, movement, visual art, and theatre exercises.

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Whether you want to dive into the themes of the book with a Story Adventure Workshop or tackle a special topic in a Skill Workshop, each of our interactive Workshops is a great addition to your online learning curriculum.

All Dreamers (Soñadores) Workshops are held in: February
Story Adventure: Lost & Found en la Ciudad
Skill Workshop topic: Life Story Collages With Household Items

Workshops are available Tuesdays & Fridays, with mornings and afternoons available.

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