Feb. 1 - Jun. 30, 2021

Grades: PreK-2 


“The years passed and other koalas were born—brothers and sisters for Koala Lou. Soon her mother was so busy she didn’t have time to tell Koala Lou that she loved her.

Although of course she did.”

Koala Lou loves being an older sibling, but misses having her mother all to herself. She decides to sign-up for the gum tree climbing event in the Bush Olympics. She knows she’ll win! And her mother will notice her! Join Koala Lou as she trains for the grueling competition. Will she be strong enough? Will she be fast enough? Koala Klaws looks tough to beat and the gum tree is so tall: What will it take to climb to the top of the tree faster than all the other competitors? And what will her mother think? This resilient koala is about to learn that parents value more than winning.

Why we chose this story: The feeling of being unnoticed and unappreciated is a common one within every family. Through the story of Koala Lou, children and adults can explore together how to be flexible in plans and manage the big, big feeling of disappointment.

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Whether you want to dive into the themes of the book with a Story Adventure Workshop or tackle a special topic in a Skill Workshop, each of our interactive Workshops is a great addition to your online learning curriculum.

All Koala Lou Workshops are held in: March
Story Adventure: Training for the Bush Olympics
Skill Workshop topic: Rhythm & Words

Workshops are available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Fridays, with mornings and afternoons available.

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Koala Lou by Mem Fox, copyright © 1988 by Mem Fox. All rights reserved. Illustrations ©by Pamela Lofts, 1988. Used by permission of the Estate of Pamela Lofts and the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. All rights reserved.