Touring Oct - Dec, 2019

Boom boom boom! beat the congas.
Clap clap clap! go the hands.

Queen of Salsa, Celia Cruz, brought joy and music and the sweet sugar of the Havana sound to millions of people around the world. In this celebration of her life and her gift of song, you will hear her story and feel the warmth of her love fill your heart. It’ll make you feel like dancing! ¡Azúcar!

Celia Cruz grew up in Havana, Cuba, with sugar on her tongue, a song on her lips, and her people in her heart. From her mother, she got the taste for sweetness. From her father, she got the gift of music. From her teachers the strength to share her sweet sound with the world. Despite facing racism and sexism at the start of her career, Celia kept her light shining and her voice singing. She and her husband emigrated to the United States after the Cuban Revolution of the late 1950’s, and from New York to Miami she brought a new rhythm to the people. And they loved to shake and swing and dance to her sound. Celia’s music reached across borders and over the oceans. Even now that she is gone, her music lives on.

Boom boom boom! Tocan las congas.
Aplauso aplauso aplauso! Hacen las manos.

La Reina de la Salsa, Celia Cruz, trajo alegría, música y el dulce azúcar del sonido de La Habana a millones de personas en todo el mundo. En esta celebración de su vida y su regalo de la cancion, escucharas su historia y el calor de su amor llenará tu corazón. ¡Te darán ganas de bailar! ¡Azúcar!

Celia Cruz creció en La Habana, Cuba, con azúcar en la lengua, una canción en los labios y su gente en el corazón. Celia heredó el gusto por la dulzura de su madre y el regalo de la música de su padre. De sus maestros obtuvo la fuerza para compartir su dulce sonido con el mundo. A pesar de enfrentar racismo y sexismo al comienzo de su carrera, Celia mantuvo su brillo y continuó cantando. Su esposo y ella se emigraron después de la Revolución Cubana a finales de los años 50 y desde Nueva York a Miami trajo un nuevo ritmo a la gente quienes les encanto moverse y bailar con su sonido. La música de Celia trascendió fronteras y, a pesar de su partida, su música aún sigue viva.

THEMES: music, dance, Cuban history, family, emigration

To learn more about the show and Celia Cruz, take a look at our Celia Study Guide.


A touring package includes a performance (35 and 45 minutes), a study guide, and book. Tours can be performed in gyms, classrooms, auditoriums, or meeting rooms for audiences ranging in size from 10-500 (maximum).

In conjunction with each performance, you have the option to add workshops for children and young adults to reinforce what they have seen. These workshops allow young people to make the leap between seeing art and creating it.

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Schools interested in adding a post-show workshop may do so when booking a tour. All workshops are offered for 35 students max and are determined by grade level. Workshops can be scheduled within a week of the performance.

Themes in Motion
Students enter the world of the story using voice, body, and imagination to explore themes, characters, and events. (Grades K-2, 30-45 min)

Adapt It! Stage It!
Students analyze a selection of text, adapt it in the Book-It Style, and stage it for an informal performance. (Grades 3-8, one hour)


Total Cost if the venue is within 75 miles driving distance from Seattle Center
$675 if booked prior to Oct 31; $750 if booked after

Total Cost if the venue is outside 75 miles
$875 if booked prior to Oct 31; $950 if booked after

Additional performances in the same venue, same day are $550. Scholarships available for Title One Schools

First workshop is $150; additional workshops $125 each

My Name Is Celia: The Life of Celia Cruz/Me llamo Celia: la vida de Celia Cruz by Monica Brown, Illustrated by Rafael López. Performed by permission of the author. All rights reserved. Illustrations © 2015 by Rafael López