Nov. 1, 2020 - Feb. 28, 2021

Grades: K-5

Superhero-loving Ramsey and his grandmother are in for a giant adventure when they attempt to cook up a family favorite, octopus stew. Based on the is-it-true-or-isn’t-it family lore of author Eric Velasquez, this tall tale celebrates Afro-Latino heritage, family traditions, and a whole lotta ingenuity.

“Blimp, Blump, Brr, Blimp, Blump, Brr. What could that be?”

What do you do when an octopus captures Grandma? You put on your superhero cape and rescue her, of course! Ramsey and his trusty chihuahua, Chana, are on the case when Grandma’s octopus stew goes wrong and Señor Pulpo gets so big he takes over the whole kitchen. This vibrant, comic book-inspired story of an Afro-Latino family coming together to share tall tales and traditional recipes is sure to surprise and delight.

Why we chose this story: Octopus Stew celebrates the family ritual of coming together to share stories and talents across generations. We love how the story shows Ramsey’s ability to connect art and technology as he researches possibilities for dealing with a giant octopus. The story demonstrates that a fantastic tale can come from a very real beginning.

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All Octopus Stew Workshops are held between November 17-December 18 and in February.
Story Adventure: Super Ram & the Cephalopod Squad
Skill Workshop topic: Superhero Character Creation

Workshops are available Tuesdays & Fridays, with mornings and afternoons available.
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Octopus Stew
by Eric Velasquez. Copyright © 2019 by Eric Velasquez. All rights reserved. Performed by permission of Holiday House Publishing, Inc.