Dec. 8, 2020 - June 30, 2021

All-audio, full length, not serial

He made me see what Life is, and what Death signifies, and why Love is stronger than both.”

Oscar Wilde, one of our favorite wits and celebrated scoundrels, gives us an hilarious satire at the intersection of American and British sensibilities. Full of clever repartee and heartfelt charm, The Canterville Ghost succeeds as an amusing ghost story laced with romance and redemption.

Why We Chose This Story: For lovers of the cozy British mystery and a good holiday special, this classic ghost story is full of warmth, laughs, and great good fun.

Review: “An Auditory Exploration,” written by Teen Writer Nour Gajial and edited by Teen Editor Mila Borowski from TeenTix: “Although I have not listened to very many audiobooks, I had a great experience listening to the Canterville Ghost and am inspired to check out more auditory performances.” Read More

Review: “Gift Idea + Support Book-It,” by Keridwyn Deller at Seattle Pockets: “There’s something so lovely about the idea of turning off the tv and tuning into Book-it’s “The Canterville Ghost” audio play knowing so many of my loved ones are also listening, close at heart even though we are apart.” Read More


Brandon J. Simmons (he/him): Narrator/Ghost
Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako (she/her): Virginia Otis
Reginald André Jackson (he/him): Hiram Otis
Tracy Michelle Hughes (she/her): Lucretia Otis
Tré Scott (he/him): Washington Otis
Imogen Love (she/her): Mrs. Umney
R. Hamilton Wright (he/him): Lord Canterville
Riley Gene (they/them): Cecil, Duke of Cheshire


Oscar Wilde: Author
Brandon J. Simmons (he/him): Adapter/Director
Michelle Chesley (she/her): Rehearsal Stage Manager
Johanna Melamed (she/her): Sound Designer
Leanna Keith (she/they): Theme Composer and Performer
Benjamin Radin (he/him): Technical Director/Recording Engineer
Dan Schuy (he/him): Production Manager
Zenaida Smith (she/her): Assistant Production Manager/Casting Associate

Dove Son Quei Fieri Occhi performed by Valéry Sauvage on lute.

“Oscar’s sensibilities are so perfectly fitted to our time: sarcastic, idealistic, playful, gloomy, melodramatic, conflicted. He was a self-created superstar, with a weirdly modern awareness of all that entailed.” –The Guardian

“Indeed, turning the received wisdom of the ages upon its head, with the lightest and most elegant flick of an aphorism, was the very essence of [Wilde’s] art.” –The New York Review of Books