Apr. 15 - June 30, 2021

All-audio, full length, not serial

Content Warning: This audio play contains brief depictions of gun violence.

“Jessaline thought she saw the muscles in his forearm flex to pull the trigger—and then the sixgun was in her hand, its wooden grip warm and almost comforting.”

The masterful N.K. Jemisin weaves an intriguing spy thriller with a thread of steampunk and a touch of Sapphic romance. Lush, daring, and sultry, this slice of history with a jaunty caper edge keeps the heart pumping.

Why We Chose This Story: It is a fantastic story by one of today’s most lauded authors working in science fiction.

“Highly enjoyable… Irrestistable.” ―The New York Times

“Jemisin’s stories are discerning, thought-provoking, and beautifully crafted, showcasing a master at work.”―Pen America


The Cast
Naa Akua (they/she): Jessaline Cleré (Dumonde)
Taece Defillo (she/her): Eugenie Rillieux
Arlando Smith (he/him): Norbert Rillieux, Ensemble
Nik Doner (he/him): Raymond Forstall, Bootblack Man
BRACE EVANS: Nun, Servant, Ensemble
Dedra Woods (she/her): Grape Kid, Bellhop, Porter, Ensemble

Production Team
Jéhan Òsanyìn (they/them): Director & Adapter
Michelle Chesley (she/her): Rehearsal Stage Manager
Erin Bednarz (she/her): Sound Design
Arlando Smith (he/him): Dialect Coach
Leanna Keith (she/they): Theme composer/performer
Benjamin Radin (he/him): TD/Recording Engineer
Kyle Thompson (he/him): Associate Audio Engineer
Dan Schuy (he/him): Production Manager
Zenaida Smith (she/her): Assistant Production Manager/Casting Associate

The audioplay is performed through arrangement with N.K Jemisin. All rights reserved.

This project is generously supported by the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture.