March 1 – June 30, 2022

“Sophia felt happysad –
happy to have Noodle,
her One True Desire,
yet sad that her new pet came
with giraffe-size problems.”

When Sophia brings home an unusual new pet, her Grand-mamá (and the rest of the family) charges her to find a perdurable solution to his sloppy kisses and impossibly loud snoring – or to send him away for good. Luckily, Sophia and Noodle have the scientific method on their side. Through research, experimentation, and a series of whacky prototypes, Sophia just might tinker her way from zzzzrrrrrrr-wahwwooooooooomp to hush-lala-hush – and Noodle’s sloppy kisses just might prove irresistible after all.

Why we chose this story: No two families are alike, exactly. But many readers will recognize Sophia’s family, with its multi-racial home of many generations, jobs, and skills. Sophia is supported by her entire loving family and her teachers in her artistic and scientific quests, something we want all children to experience.

Digital Kits
The digital story kits take all the great curriculum ideas we created for our physical story kits in 2020-21 and make them more accessible. For each title, you will receive a copy of the book and a pdf with downloadable arts curriculum, including two reader’s theatre scripts and exercises in writing, acting, visual arts, and movement. These can be purchased for an individual class, a grade band, or an entire school.

$50: Digital Kit for Single Classroom or Homeschool
$125: Digital Kit for Grade Band at School (e.g. all kindergarten classrooms)
$225: Digital Kit for Entire School
$10: Reader’s Theatre Scripts (per title)
FREE: Reader’s Theatre Scripts, Assorted Curriculum, and Teacher Chats
Free and reduced rates are available to all Title 1 schools.

Teacher Chat
Join Book-It’s Arts Education team for a FREE, 60-minute workshop on Two Problems for Sophia. In the first half, we will explore sample curriculum from Two Problems for Sophia programming, and in the second half of our time there will be a Q&A on the content of the curriculum and how to adapt it to fit into your classroom’s needs.

Thursday, April 21

Two Problems for Sophia by Jim Averbeck, Illustrated by Yasmeen Ismail Copyright © 2018 All rights reserved.