Become a Book-It Page-Turner

Help keep the pages turning


Help keep the fires burning (and the pages turning) here at Book-It!

Did you know that setting up a monthly recurring donation is the most sustainable and convenient way to support a non-profit? A gift of any amount each month lets a small company like Book-It know that they can rely on your invaluable monthly gifts to keep the lights on.

Our most popular monthly giving level is $30/month. That’s a $1 a day to support the stories, the programs, and the artists that you love.


  • Hassle-free automated donations
  • You set the amount.
  • Lower administration costs mean more money goes directly to Book-It
  • Complete control over pausing or canceling anytime.
  • Exclusive yearly Page Turner panel event where you will meet fellow Book-It community members.


For as little as $10 a month, please consider becoming one of our heroic Page Turners.


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Your monthly gift will:

  • Support artists and artisans.
  • Help keep our scene shop working for us and many other local theaters.
  • Create new works with commissioned playwrights.
  • Sustain our essential and dedicated staff members.


If you have any questions about monthly giving, please email Development Associate Marjel van Dijk at