We are thrilled to present acclaimed Seattle actress Gin Hammond’s inspiring, 28-character solo play, Returning the Bones. Based on the life of Hammond’s aunt, Dr. Carolyn Beatrice “Bebe” Montier, Returning the Bones brilliantly responds to one of life’s most challenging questions: How do you choose between your country, your people, and yourself?

A surprisingly comical story, Returning the Bones transports audiences to Jim Crow-era Texas and into the life of a young, black medical student searching for her place in the world. This inspirational story brings us into intimate contact with the luminaries of the day including President Lyndon B. Johnson, Eleanor Roosevelt, James Baldwin, and Queen Elizabeth.

On sharing her aunt’s remarkable life with the world, Hammond remarks, “Of all the feedback I’ve gotten for this show, my favorite is, ‘after seeing this show my husband decided he would keep fighting for something he was about to give up on.’ It’s a very different time from when I first started writing this show, but it feels more relevant than ever. I’m also excited to bring the audience on a journey to so many different countries, especially after living abroad for the past year. And, I have to confess that I’m simply looking forward to being able to spend time with the main character again; to feel her presence, her humor, her courage and her profound ability to love.”

Returning the Bones was showcased in 2008 as part of the CREATION Project, a professional development program by Seattle’s Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas. Book-It’s founder and founding co-artistic director Jane Jones directed the show in 2008 and returns to direct in 2018.

Traditionally, Book-It transforms literature to theatre, but Returning the Bones is Book-It’s first production created from oral story-telling. Hammond is currently working on turning Returning the Bones into a book.

Returning the Bones runs March 28-April 14, 2019 at The Erickson Theatre on Capitol Hill. Click here to get your tickets today!