In our decades-long tradition, we are here to bring you bold adaptations of extraordinary stories. This season, new Artistic Director Gus Menary continues this legacy—but in a whole different format.

Click here to listen to a brief introduction to the season from Gus Menary, Kayti Barnett-O’Brien, and Zenaida Smith.

Going all-audio this season has allowed us to play with form, structure, and genre. Of the five “mainstage” audio dramas we are producing, three are short stories and will be presented as one-shot full-length productions available as an entire story start to finish (Childfinder, The Canterville Ghost, and The Effluent Engine).

The other two titles (Mañanaland and The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes) are longer books and will be presented as serials, with downloadable “chapters” to make our way through the story.

Once you’ve purchased your subscription or single ticket, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the link to access the season or play. Subscribers will have a page on our site they can revisit for all the titles and extras. Single Ticket buyers will have access to the title or titles they purchased. You will be able to stream or download each title starting on its release date (click an image below for information on that show) and until June 30, 2021.

There’s a story for everyone to enjoy this season, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Season 31: AUDIO BOOK-IT

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Welcome to the 2020-21 Audio Book-It season!
Thank you for subscribing to this exciting, unusual, and all-audio year of Book-It bringing theatrical productions right to your home.

This page will be your 1-stop location for all the production audio files and audience guide pdf’s, as well as the creative team conversation links.  We’ll send the link to this page to you before each new title drops online, just in case you misplace it, but go ahead and bookmark the page on all your devices, too.

This page, and its contents, are for subscribers only, so please don’t share the link. Though, feel free to let your friends and family know that single ticket purchases are available, as well!

Now, gather round and enjoy the show! (Starting Oct. 28!)

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